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Hello, I am Babu born as the 10th child of my parents Mary and Porinchu, Pulikottil at Chowalloorpady (near Guruvayoor). I would like to share with you the personal healing touch and turning point of my life.

I was a photographer by profession. I was addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking and many other bad habits. As a consequence to these, I was paralyzed on one side in 1992 and I underwent spinal surgery at Velloore Medical College at Madras. But, the surgery didn't give a full recovery. At this stage of my condition in 1994 when I was not able to ambulate/ walk really well, my siblings brought me to Evangelashram at Koonammavu led by brother Amal. I was miraculously cured on hearing the proclamation of the "Word of God" given by brother Amal and immediately I was able to walk myself in the ashram. Since then I got involved in taking care of beggars and lepers brought in from the street to Evangelashram.

Witnessing this change in me, my siblings, relatives and friends too have been attending the prayer at Evangelashram for the last 16 years. Currently, I am working as the secretary of this Charitable Society. I believe that what I am today is due to my mother’s tearful prayers, the loving care and encouragement from beloved brother Amal and members of this ashram.

I am very glad to share with you the personal testimonial of how my miserable and lost life was uplifted spiritually, mentally and physically to this state of grace and hope!!! The inner joy and peace I experience now give me the strength and courage to live a meaningful life rooted in faith.
Date of Posting: 13 January 2011
Posted By: Babu

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