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Our History

It started in the year 1981 when Brother Amal (Founder and president of the society) chanced to meet a mute boy whose entire body - bar his face, was putrefied and infected with worms. It was this moment that God touched and inspired Amal to reveal a mission, which he was to fulfill for the sake of God. Amal listened to God’s call – “Hurry out to the streets and alleys of the town and bring the poor, the crippled the blind and the lame. Go out to the country roads and the lanes and make the people come in so that my house will be full.”- and started working towards accomplishing God’s will. He cleansed the boy and took him to the hospital and provided for his medical treatment. After the treatment Amal accepted and received the boy to his own home. This was the beginning of a great mission which God had revealed to Amal. He began to work towards the rehabilitation of the poor abandoned people wandering on the streets. Eventually Amal`s home turned into “a home for the homeless” and was named as Evangelashram. Despite the lack of future funds, without clarity and backing of corporates the Ashram has been a journey of selfless love, miracles and kind hearted efforts of volunteers.

Brother Amal along with his twelve spiritual and religious brothers established this ashram as an organization on 20th May 1992. The inauguration ceremony of the Evangelashram was carried out by Rev. Fr. Simon Fernandez. During the inauguration ceremony Rev. Fr. George Kuttickal MCBS sanctified the organization and Rev. Fr. Oswald CMI delivered the sermon. On 20th August 1997 Evangelashram got registered as a society under Charitable Society Act (ER NO 522/97).

This was followed by the approval from the Government of Kerala (Appr No 926) on 12th December 2002.

Thus since 1981, the welcoming gates of Evangelashram under the leadership of Amal have seen more than 1000 people having their lives touched by the divine grace and leaving as new beings. Each one has left an imprint on the working of the Ashram. We are yet to turn away any potential resident and more often than not, encourage visitors to bring in any child who may be wanting care, attention and most important a platform to launch their lives as better people from this humble place.

A minute a day of your life will make a lifetime of difference for another - this has been the underlying motivation for volunteering contribution, which has sustained the Ashram in times of need and despair. Children need better resources and the impoverished ones need even more. It is thus in our own humble way that we thank you for your time in viewing this website and invite you to visit our Ashram at any time of your convenience. At the very least, we would be happy in the knowledge that our message has spread and we can work with renewed vigor in pursuing the goals than we can only see through the grace of the Lord.


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