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In 1981 Amal started his rescue mission at his own house. But when Amal built a new building, it was dedicated as Evangelashram in 1992. Since then, Evangelashram has been striving to support hundreds of street children and the homeless elderly.. It provides shelter to the orphans, abandoned newborns and children of all age groups. Evangelashram comes to liberate all who are frightened, hungry and filthy abandoned people. The children (including newborns) who were abandoned on the streets begging for food and with no place to bathe and sleep find a new life at the ashram. The ashram takes care of the children’s needs in every possible way .Today there are school and college going children at the ashram. There are also children who go to special schools such as deaf and dumb and differently abled. The children are never allowed to realize the lack of parents or feeling they are orphans at the Evangelashram as Amal has given his name as surname for all of the children. Amal is their beloved “Appa” which means Father. Every child of school going age is enrolled in an English Medium school (considered a privilege in India) so that the solid foundation of a stable life is not taken away from them.

The helping hands of Evangelashram is not limited to the abandoned kids but is widespread to accommodate all kinds of people, which includes the mentally and physically handicapped, elderly and the aged, unmarried mothers and victims of gang rape. When these people arrive at the ashram, they have terrific and horrific memories to share about their past. Most of them are unaware of their names, parents and dear and near ones and where they belong to. They had to satisfy their empty stomach with dumped and rotten foods in the bins and streets. Instead of a kind healing touch most of them have been ridiculed and face harassment on the streets. Some of them have also fallen prey to anti-social elements. At the ashram the volunteers are helping such people to get transformed as new individuals. This is achieved by giving daily regular bath, sufficient and nutritious food, clothes and education to the children. Thereafter every effort is made to repatriate the children with their family or provide a helping hand to provide momentum for their path as laid out by The Almighty.



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