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Get involved

In this charitable activity, the membership is free. From anywhere in the world, anyone can be physically present or absent and yet be a member. Whether it is through prayer or pro-activity, advice or directives, visits or words or letters in whatever be the form, please become a member and be co-Salvationists of these helpless homeless ones. God will surely bless each one who becomes a part of this noble task. Send us email, address or phone number.

Let’s convey this message to dear and near ones and encourage them also to be a part of this great task in whichever way possible. All are invited irrespective of geographical backgrounds, religion, caste, creed, colour, class or race to this noble task which aims at making the forsaken ones into loved, accepted human beings.

Retired employees, house wives and educated unemployed people are highly encouraged to share the time in helping the inmates in their daily activities or in promoting our vision through various means of communication to wider contexts so that we will be able to achieve ‘A World Devoid of Destitute by 2040.’

However, there are some specific things that one can get involved in.

Be a Volunteer
•    Residential volunteer
•    Full time volunteer
•    Part-time volunteer
Be a sponsor
•    Full sponsorship of a child
•    Partial sponsorship of a child
•    Raise sponsors for the inmates of the Ashram
•    Monetary contributions
•    Material contributions (food, clothing, furniture, electronic equipments etc…)
•    Medicines and medical equipments

Religious heads, officers of the judiciary, administrators, cultural leaders, social reformers, bureaucrats, law enforcers, members of social welfare organizations, charitable organizations, laymen, clergy, media personnel, writers, artists, athletes, businessmen, entrepreneurs, politicians, heads of nursing homes, members of different clubs, organizers, students, teachers, Non-Resident Indians, well-wishers from different countries and all like minded people, please come forward to accomplish this sacred task, without any desire for position or benefit.


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