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Future Projects

Evangelashram Charitable Society, Koonammavu, Ernakulam, Pin 683518, Kerala, India

Currently the accommodation for ladies and children is a single hall and in future we wish to make separate rooms for the different category people.

Evangelashram beyond Kerala and India

The future project is in line with the mission to achieve a world devoid of destitutes by 2040.

The future project is to spread Evangelashram to all the 28 states of India and abroad. The whole project can be divided into four phases.


First phase: till 2015

Second Phase: 2015-2020

Third phase: 2020-2025


The first phase

Within this phase needful communications will be done with all the state authorities in India for establishing centres in each of them, and also for at least 100 centres abroad. Along with this, the process to find out volunteers and sponsors all around the world will be established. At the same time we need to encourage and help other social work institutions with similar mission and infrastructure to work towards creating a world devoid of destitute. We aim to complete this first part of the mission by the year 2025.


The second phase

Attempt for suitable land acquisitions and arranging the infrastructure for each centre in each state and also in the overseas will be done within 2038. In larger states, more than one centre will be established.  The construction of the buildings for the inmates and also for the administrative section also will begin during this period.


The third phase

The completion of the construction of a 100 three storey buildings will be done in the land acquired in each state. Each building will be of 6,000 sq. ft, having a capacity to accommodate 150 people in each floor and thereby able to accommodate a total of 450 people in one building. Apart from this, there will be facilities to accommodate the staff and volunteers. The number of buildings will vary according to the needs of different states and places. This phase which we envisage to complete by 2038 will be bringing up Evangelashram with all kinds of public amenities like national level football court, swimming pools and indoor stadium for sports, various farms, health clubs etc… This has been planned to attract more people to this noble mission in future.


The fourth and the final phase

The fourth and the final phase of the mission will be to from 2038-2040 which includes the wiping out of street people by bringing them to the ashram and giving them care and love. As this great mission cannot be just achieved by the volunteers alone; so we will be seeking the help of the heads of religion, judiciary, administration, cultural societies, social workers, bureaucracy, officials, laity, social welfare boards, members of religious communities, media people, writers, people from the arts and sports field, merchants, traders, workers, political activists, heads of charitable institutions, service volunteers, members of various types  of clubs, teachers, students, NRIs, well-wishers of different nationalities and all like minded people who sans desire of power, position or returns to come forward to make this divine venture a success.

Simultaneously during this phase spiritual volunteers will be going door to door to the poverty stricken families and the vulnerable ones and giving them education and knowledge. They will be finding out if any reasons that exist in the family which may lead them to the streets and act proactively to prevent such a situation from arising. They will try their level best to meet the requirement whether it is financial, moral or a basic understanding about the morality of family life and thus preventing new street children.

Amal aims to complete this great mission by 2040. He has no doubt in his mission and success because he believes that “I can do all things through him who strengthens me ’’ (Philippians 4:13

To achieve this great mission we need all of you and with the grace of God we can make a new world through us 2040.


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