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Current/Ongoing Projects

1. Accommodation for gents


The inmates are accommodated in a temporary shelter right now. Though they think this is a safe haven for them, we believe that they have the right to have a permanent residence. Foundation has been laid for a five storied building for gents within the premises of Evangelashram. Each floor will accommodate different categories of people, which include the aged, mentally ill and physically handicapped. The construction of the building has been stopped due to the lack of sufficient funds to support the work. We look forward to hear a favourable response from you. Kindly check the picture to have a clear view. ( Picture... )

2. Dinning Hall for the inmates


A dining hall which can accommodate 200 people has been planned and the foundation completed. Right now they don’t have a place to sit and eat their food. They hold the food on one hand and with the other they eat. Dining hall construction cannot be completed unless we have sufficient financial provisions.  ( Picture... )


3. Biogas plant


A biogas plant is another project, which is a very urgent need of the ashram.  This will help us for the production of cooking gas and also to consume the wastes in a useful way.  Planning has been done to make this dream come true.  We aim to complete this task this year itself.

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