Now we have a few dedicated and committed full-time and part-time volunteers with us who work on short-term and long term basis. Some service oriented people also come to Evangelashram during day time and spend time in various services. We expect and welcome dedicated and committed men and women who can help us to wash clothes, to clean the building and premises and to pray.

Evangelashram is in great need of manpower assistance for its daily smooth functioning and to achieve the great mission of A WORLD DEVOID OF DESTITUTE BY 2040.

Share your time: We need volunteers to share time with the residents of Evangelashram to counsel and console them, to listen and watch them patiently, to walk, talk, play with them, to encourage them and strengthen them, assist them in their primary needs and to help them pray and pray with them.

Teachers: We require volunteers who can teach the school going children, reduce the stress and strain the children go through, support and build them up, recognize the talents in them and kindle the same, to give command over English language and other languages and subjects and help in their overall personality development.

Medical and paramedical staff: We require doctors, nurses and pharmacists who can do part time services and help in the medical needs of the residents of Evangelashram.

Computer professionals: We welcome committed computer professionals both hardware and software to help us in our mission through various means.

Maintenance staff: We need masons, electricians, carpenters, plumbers for the maintenance services.

We are also looking forward for educated/retired people who stay at homes. We would appreciate you if you could render at least ten minutes each day to help us through online or in any ways that are convenient to you.

Dedicated and service oriented volunteers are hearty welcome to serve at the Evangelashram. Accommodation and food within the limits of the Ashram will be provided to the people who volunteer. Identification and residential proof are needed in the case of each volunteer who wants to be with us.

We pray to our Lord God Almighty to shower his blessings upon you and strengthen your hands to fulfill our noble mission.

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