A Word from the Founder

A Word from the Founder…

I thank the Almighty for bringing the Evangelashram family thus far. It has been more than 31 years since I picked up a deaf and dumb boy with a putrefied and worm infested body from the street in 1981. Not only my hands, but my heart too had enveloped him with love and help. I brought him and a few others to my own house, which is later come to be known as Evangelashram. Though I started to serve the destitute from then on, it was not officially organized until 1992 and was registered as “Evangelashram Charitable Society” in 1997.  We could rehabilitate above 1000 people till date. Right now we have 154 inmates.


There are 16 children at the ashram, all of them attend schools. I’m also proud to say that two of the children passed X th standard this year and are preparing to go for higher studies. Evangelashram family envisions bright future for them. These kids are born here. They are born of unwed psychologically challenged mothers who had been wandering on the streets.

The schools have been reopened. Some of their very urgent needs were met by our friends who generously give.  We would appreciate the continued help in building their lives for a better future.


We have 138 adult inmates, both 95 men and 43 women. Most of them are chronically ill with various diseases, some of them are crippled, a few deaf and dumb and others mentally retarded.  Those who are pretty well in their physical and mental health, help in the day to day activities of the ashram with much enthusiasm. This enables them to have self worth and value their own lives.


There are a few dedicated brothers and sisters who have been voluntarily offering their assistance towards the smooth running of the ashram. They do not desire any kind of reward or position, but they serve the forsaken ones with the love of God. Without their wholehearted service, the progress and development of the ashram would not have been possible. We are also looking forward for more volunteers in the days to come. They will be provided with simple food, accommodation and clothing.


Evangelashram Charitable Society does not have any foreign support, government aids or any regular funding by individuals or societies. It has been functioning only with the sacrificial help of its friends and well wishers. As the founder director of this ashram, I’m grateful to the kindhearted people who have rendered their help towards the needs of the inmates and children in the past years and also in this year. May the Almighty bless each of them and continue to make them a blessing.

Dear friend, right now our inmates do not have proper buildings or other facilities. They are accommodated in temporary shelter, made of tin sheets. Their life gets harder during the monsoon. We are in urgent need of financial provisions to complete our building projects for the inmates. We long for an agency or individual/s to come forward and help us in this noble endeavour.


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