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Joyful times of Restoration

Joyful times of Restoration

Over the last 30 plus years, Evangelashram has witnessed drastic transformation in the lives of many of its inmates.  Around thousand people have gone back to their normalcy and live successfully. During those days we neither had resources or equipment to record these beautiful happenings. Even now we are not very capable enough to document all the information. So the pictures are scanty. But few of the recent ones are given below. People who had no idea about their whereabouts could retain their memory completely through our compassionate approach and we are glad that we could restore them to their dear and near ones.


He was in difficult condition when we found him on the street. He was a Central Government Employee.  But he had lost his sense to recognize his people or remember his whereabouts.   However, bro. Amal and the volunteers at the ashram took care of him with much love and could bring him back to senses.   Later he was entrusted with his mother. He has rejoined in his office.102

He was wandering on the streets aimlessly eating rotten vegetables and food from public waste bins. We brought him to Evangelashram. After a couple of months of loving care, he too received his memory back. We found his address and informed his people. And he was restored to his father.


This old woman was brought to Evangelashram by the police. After much persuasion we found out

her address and thereby her relatives. And she returned home with her grandchildren.


Two old men are being restored to their children


A little girl who was found wandering on the street is being restored to her parents

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