Evangelashram Charitable Society, South India


"... without Me you can do nothing."     (John 15:5)


Our aim is to create a world without destitute (vagabonds).


1.  The establishment of the Evangelashram at Koonammavu, Ernakulam (Cochin), Kerala is the first step of our mission, in India. This ashram at Koonammavu has been functioning as the central office ever since its inception. Its whole expansion will be completed by the grace of God within 2015.

2. Within 2025, the needful communications and decisions to establish rehabilitation centres for the destitute will be done with all the state authorities in India for establishing centres in each of them, and also for at least 100 centres abroad. Along with this, we will focus on other countries too, for the same.

3.  Attempt for the suitable land acquisitions and building construction will begin in each state of India and also in the overseas centres.

4. In the larger states, more than one centre will be established.

5. Completion of the construction of the buildings and all the other arrangements for the rehabilitation of the destitute will be done by 2038.

6. The process to find out volunteers and sponsors all around the world will continue till the accomplishment of the mission, a World Devoid of Destitute.

7. With the help of each government of the particular country, the sacred task of sheltering all the vagabonds worldwide during the period 2038 - 2040.

8. All the centres established by us should function for the sake of a world without destitute (Activities for the later periods can be planned and executed by the existing generations of the time).

9. However, if sufficient financial and material resources are received prior to the expected time, the above objectives (1-5) can be achieved swiftly.


Evangelashram will recruit a minimum of two volunteers irrespective of religion or caste, with a strong commitment to rehabilitate the destitute on a global basis. Those who are capable enough to bring another two dedicated volunteers will only be recruited.

a. Will join together with another two institutions of the similar concern in 2012 and they will be provided with encouragement and mutual cooperation.

b. Primary conveniences will be arranged for the children rehabilitated from the street.

c. Precautionary measures will be taken to prevent the inmates from returning to the street.

d. Each child will be provided with a sponsor by dint of the combined effort of the volunteers and well-wishers.

e. Preliminary studies, medical treatment and such other arrangements will be ensured.

f. Various therapies will be provided to ensure recreation, physical fitness and artistic talents.

g. Training and placement, in the fields ideally suited to the aptitude and temperament of the child will be provided.

h. With foresight, a strategy will be chalked out with special emphasis on hygiene, to prevent epidemics.

i. A biogas plant will be set up that can guarantee the treatment of waste products and this would help the production of biogas.

j. There will be an attempt to establish cordial relationship with all the people of the surrounding locality, and meetings will be held to strengthen communal harmony.

k. Rain water harvesting will be ensured and the water scarcity will be solved. Thereby the financial expenditure for water will be reduced:

l. Solar water heating equipments will be installed and electric power will be produced.


When a volunteer absorbs a minimum of 2 volunteers of his calibre, into this sacred mission in one year, he can become a coordinator.

a. It is the duty of each member to sensitize the people about the need to prevent the phenomenon called street children. On the one hand volunteers should rescue the destitute from the streets and on the other they should conduct awareness programmes so that none will be thrown out to the streets.

b. Universities, schools and religious institutions have to be regularly visited and the future generation should be given proper enlightenment in this regard.

c. There should be training and seminars to give emphasis on family bonding and the need to prevent old parents from being thrown out into the streets. It will be better to work in tandem with the religious hierarchy. The ultimate aim should be to sensitize the new generation about their duty and obligation to their parents.

d. There should be attempts to enhance agricultural production in proportion to the increase in the population. It is desirable for a volunteer to know some farming as it is a necessity for us to be self-sufficient against food scarcity.  Each of us should contribute in our own way to translate this idea into a reality.

e. There should be proper attention given to create hygienic environment. It is the responsibility of each volunteer.

f. Those street children who see the street as their last resort should be identified and brought to the respective centre.

g. A sponsor has to be found out for each orphan, with the support of the volunteers.

h. All the activities of this organization will be coordinated and led forward by the decision taken by the core group of the coordination committee and the Evangelashram Society.

"I can do all things through Him that strengthens me." [Philippians 4:13]


1. Please try to understand and learn the method of the functioning of Evangelashram which is trying to create a world without destitute.

2. Try to understand and learn more about the other institutions which are functioning in more or less the same way.

3. Accept it as a Gift of God, when we get a membership in Evangelashram, which is moulding the street children into new human beings.

4. When we find somebody having no kith or kin, wandering in the street, identify and bring such people to our institution or anyone of similar nature.

5. If we find unknown patients in the government hospitals or medical colleges, we can treat them also in this way.

6. If the vagabond straying in the street has some relatives, sensitize them and then take the patient to them.

7. See that other similar organizations also cooperate with us.

8. Bring more members to the organization if we find them like-minded and refined.

9. Sensitize and persuade the following types of people into this movement: retired personnel, widows, educated as well as uneducated people and single people.

10. Go on enlightening the people about the movement.

11. Learn and teach the importance of human values.

12. We can work along with the people whom we take from the street.

13. We can dedicate a little of our valuable time, as and when it is available, to the service of these poor people. Those who like can take up this as a lifelong commitment.

14. Discourage both begging and giving alms in the street.

15. To bring the tedency of begging in the street to an end, we should renew and reinvigorate family relationship. We should stop the street mafia that controls the street begging at any cost.

16. Seminars should be conducted about our institution and its functioning in schools, colleges, houses of worship, public places etc.

17. We can either sponsor or find out sponsors for the young as well as the old inmates of this institution on a temporary or permanent basis.

18. Find out or extend financial support to this institution according to our capacity.

19. Pray for this institution so that it may become a success practically.

20. We can help this institution by contributing the skill or technology we have.

21. There is no need of worrying about one's future, when one starts his/her missionary work here. We provide simple food, clothes, shelter and security to such people.  Whether we are religious heads, officers of the judiciary, administrators, cultural leaders, social reformers, bureaucrats, law enforcers, members of social welfare organizations, charitable organizations, laymen, clergy, media personnel, writers, artists, athletes, businessmen, entrepreneurs, politicians, heads of nursing homes, members of different clubs, organizers, students, teachers, Non-Resident Indians, well-wishers from different countries and all like minded people, please come forward to accomplish this sacred task, without any desire for position or benefit.

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